What Is Importance Of Web Design

Responsive web design is an approach of crafting sites for a gradually enhanced viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing. Easy Navigation and scroll through mobile phones, laptop, tablet and desktop computer monitors. Responsive web design is the approach of design and development that should respond according to the client’s behavior and environment based on any screen size and available platforms.

The professional practice of the site designed with responsive web design consists of flexible grids and layouts, flexible images and a sensible use of CSS media queries; Such as client switches from their laptop to tablet, the website should automatically accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. The image must be flexible in size.

Media queries are displayed being on most commonly considering the width of the browser. According to device type, it allows to use the page to different CSS style rules.Now-a-days Mobile customers are in billions and most of the people working through mobile phones. You have definitely noticed many people attached to mobile phones these days. There are many businesses who have not adapted to this trend. Basically, we all know that Google is a very popular search engine in the world. In fact 2013, Google claimed a 67 percent share in the search market.

Google encourages for mobile configuration for responsive web design. But why does Google prefer responsive design? As per the search engine giant, It’s more efficient for Google to both crawl the site and then index and organize all the content that is online. The main benefit with responsive design is the site, have one URL and the same html across all devices. When same URL got both business mobile site and desktop site, for all different URL and different HTML, it is easy to reach through any online device.